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Access to the mediation through the digital technologies


In Kazakhstan, a new pilot project was launched – the electronic service “Access to the Mediation through the Digital Technologies”.

This project is a part of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan” and is aimed at creating conditions for the development of mediation in the regions and providing access to the mediation for all segments of the population.

At the first stage, this service will only work in the Public Service Center with access to the employee of this center and mediators. Each mediator will have a personal account providing to get requests for mediation and to update his work schedule. Citizens can request for mediation through an employee of this center, who downloads requests directly into the electronic service. The first accepted an application mediator will be registered as mediator to this mediation. After registration, a notification with the personal data and address of the mediator, as well as the time of meeting with the mediator will be sent to the person requested for mediation.

During 2018, the government is planning to provide access for citizens to this service by launching a separate portal and mobile application.