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There is no Law on Mediation in Georgia. Currently, the institutions of restorative, judicial and notarial mediation are being developed, which are regulated by various legislative acts.


There is no legislation regulating the institute of mediation in Georgia. Mediation is regulated by several legislative acts.

For the first time, mediation in Georgia appeared in the framework of criminal legislation. It was in 2010, on the basis of the Code of Criminal Procedure mediation was introduced into the programs of resocialization of minors, who had committed a crime for the first time, in order to protect them from further criminalization.

In addition to restorative mediation, there are also institutes of judicial and notarial mediation in Georgia.

Judicial mediation is regulated by procedural legislation. So, after applying to the court, the parties at any stage of the proceedings have the right to apply to the judicial mediator.

Judicial mediation can be used in regard to inheritance, family, neighbor or other disputes.

If the parties resolve the dispute in mediation, the court shall draw up on the basis of the agreements reached between them an amicable agreement.

As for notarial mediation, it is carried out by a notary and is used for the same disputes as for judicial mediation. However, the specifics and rules of conducting mediation are regulated by an act of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

As a result of notarial mediation, if the parties reach an agreement, a notarial act is given to the parties by a notary. On the basis of this act, notarial writ of execution may be issued to enforce agreements reached by the parties within the framework of mediation.