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Mediation in Uzbekistan is at the first stage of its development. The first steps in this area are being taken. The draft law on mediation was developed and submitted to the Parliament, which in January 2018 approved it in the first reading.


Reconciliation of conflicting parties by the ways that are similar to mediation is a national peculiarity of Uzbekistan. However, mediation as such is only beginning to be established in Uzbekistan.

Currently, the Parliament is considering the Law on Mediation. This draft law provides for the introduction of mediation as one of the ways to resolve disputes without trial with the participation of independent mediators. It is assumed that the activity of a mediator will be carried out on a professional and unprofessional basis.

Only advocates completed the trainings in the field of mediation of the Ministry of Justice will be able to become professional mediators. Unprofessional – representatives of government bodies or specially authorized by law organizations, self-governing bodies of citizens, as well as representatives of specially formed commissions and non-governmental non-profit organizations.

National Legislation