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At the present time, there is no special legislation on mediation in Azerbaijan. Mediation is at the first stage of its development.


At this stage, only the first steps in the field of mediation are taking in Azerbaijan. In many respects, this is by virtue of the organizations and people – enthusiasts, who are aimed at developing and promoting this institution in their country.

It is planned to adopt a law on mediation (it is known that a bill has already been drafted).

In the near future, non-governmental organization Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Mediation and Law” will be established.

The charter of the Legal Center for Mediation in the Republic of Azerbaijan was also drafted and submitted to the Ministry of Justice for registration.

The state is also interested in mediation. At this moment, representatives of the state bodies are in the process of analysis of the international experience.  An agreement on joint projects in this area with the Council of Europe and the European Union has been reached.

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