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Second article by Frank C. Laney. Mediation is an opportunity


We continue to publish the articles of Frank C. Laney, who shares his experience in mediation and negotiations. The second Article “Mediation is an opportunity” reveals the idea that mediation is a unique opportunity in the life of a dispute. Before mediation the parties were free to talk and negotiate, but those negotiations devolved into emotional, unproductive arguments. After mediation, someone else will make all the decisions for the parties. In mediation, a skilled, trained mediator is there to help the parties explore, privately and jointly, the issues, their needs, their interests. The mediator facilitates their communication and keeps the discussion on track and moving in a positive direction. The parties retain control over the outcome of their problem, since in mediation there is no resolution unless both parties voluntarily agree to it. Through the mediation process they can shape the resolution in any way they want. Maybe it is just money, but it can include apologies, steps to fix the situation or repair the relationship. After thoughtful discussion, the resolution becomes what they want it to be. An opportunity they cannot get outside of mediation.

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Frank C. Laney is Circuit Mediator for the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, chair of the State Judicial Council Dispute Resolution Committee and is an ex-officio member of the NC Dispute Resolution Commission.  He is the former Mediation Coordinator for the NC Industrial Commission, a former partner in Mediation Inc. and for three years limited his private practice in Raleigh to mediation.  He has been a member of the NC Bar Association Dispute Resolution Committee/Section since its inception, and was a consultant with the NCBA’s Mediated Settlement Conference Pilot Program.  Mr. Laney is certified as a Superior Court and Family Financial mediator by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission and was a practitioner member of the Academy of Family Mediators.