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Disputes within the framework of mass poisoning of citizens of Buryatia were resolved through mediation


In the Republic of Buryatia (Russia) in January 2018 there was a massive infection of citizens with an acute intestinal infection. According to the controling bodies, the victims visited one of the public catering establishments where violations of sanitary and epidemiological standards were detected.

The total number of victims was 133, of which 13 children aged 10 to 17 years, 5 pregnant women, two women were hospitalized in intensive care. 85 people were diagnosed with salmonellosis.

In order to settle disputes with the victims, the owners of the establishment appealed to the mediator, the Chairman of the Association “Center for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Technologies”, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Svetlana Tonevitskaya.

In the process of considering the claims from the affected consumers and during the negotiations on the conclusion of settlement agreements, Svetlana Tonevitskaya used mediation techniques, which helped to conclude 108 settlement agreements (94% of the claims).

As a result, the techniques used in the mediation procedure allowed the parties to effectively resolve disputes in the interests of each of the parties – the victims immediately received money after conclusion the settlement agreements to restore their health without resorting to court, and business owners had the opportunity to continue business.