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A law “About mediation” was approved in Uzbekistan


In June 2018, the Parliament of Uzbekistan approved a law “About mediation”.

The law enshrined a facilitative model of mediation, which is carried out on the basis of the principles of confidentiality, voluntariness, cooperation and equality of participants, independence and impartiality of mediator. Operation of this Law extends to the relations connected using mediation to the disputes arising from civil legal relationship.

The activity of the mediator can be carried out on a professional or non-professional basis. A person, who wants to exercise activities on a professional basis, must complete a special training course under the mediator training program, which will give ground to include the mediator in the Register of Professional Mediators, which be administered by the justice departments.

According to the Law, mediation can be applied in extrajudicial procedure, in court, including arbitration, until the court is removed delivering a judgment or taking a decision by the arbitration court. If a mediation agreement is signed, the state fee will be refundable.

A feature of the Uzbek law is the possibility of sending disputing parties to mediation by authorized state bodies, in addition to the court. Cases, where it is possible, will be provided by other laws. In addition, the Law provides for possible a participation of state bodies in the mediation. The Law speaks that in the event of a dispute with the participation of a state body, this state body takes measures to apply the mediation.

The document will come into force on 1 January 2019.


Information source: https://cis-legislation.com/document.fwx?rgn=107749

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